Watson's Pet Care

We are the original Watsons Kennels, now we call ourselves Watson's Pet Care. Located in Fortville Indiana.

April 5, 2019

Pet Care Check List

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Pet Care Check List

Food: Substantial quantity to provide nutrition for your canine. Clearly Label food container with pet name and feeding amounts.

Treats: are optional but if your pet is used to a tasty reward for good behavior please bring.

Accessories: Your dog must arrive with a collar, lead or leash, and his/her tags. This does not mean your dog must wear the collar the entire length of his/her stay but it is necessary for handling during daily operations.

Toys/Bones: Toys should be large and made of approved materials. We strongly discourage stuffed animals as dogs may be nervous their first few days with us and nervous dogs tend to chew more. Bones made of rawhide, pig ears, cow ears and other tough to chew edibles are welcome and may help relieve some of your pet’s stress.

Bedding: Dogs in a new environment like familiar things. Their beds or favorite blankets are the best way to help a canine adjust to new surroundings. Please ensure all bedding is clean and fresh.

Medications: As our canine companions age they suffer from an array of ailments. Our goal is to make your dog’s stay with us as comfortable as possible. We are trained in the application of pet first aid and in the techniques for giving intramuscular injections such as insulin for diabetic dogs. For those dogs taking medication in pill form requiring a delivery system other than their normal food please supply it (i.e. peanut butter, cheese, etc).